Dr. Linda Payne is a professional, licensed Clinical Christian Counselor and an Ordained Minister of the Gospel.

With her husband, Larry, Dr Payne has experienced a life of evangelism and pastoring across the nation.  Her career in counseling began when they resided in McKinney Texas just before their move back to the Tyler/Lindale area. 

Trained in individual, marriage, abuse and addiction counseling, she is also a Licensed Temperament Therapist, and a Board Certified Supervisor with National Christian Counseling Association.

After excelling in studies and the application of counseling, Dr Payne continued to the level of instructor for the National Christian Counselors Association. She also assists others answer their calling of a desire to become Christian Counselors 

As a Christian Counselor, Linda believes that many problems can be spiritual in nature, resulting from either not understanding biblical truth or from sinful behavior.  She also recognizes that personal problems can arise because of physical, social-environmental influences and psychological pressures.

With a belief that all individuals are created in the image of God, Linda believes that one can only feel complete and fulfilled through relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Her main goal is to enable clients to move toward greater emotional and spiritual health by becoming more like Jesus Christ.

She believes counseling should involve praying about the client’s difficulties and looking to the authority of the Bible for guidance, thus building a dependency on God for the client.  There is forgiveness for our past, and strength for the present and hope for our future when we trust the Lord to meet our daily needs, and heal our emotional wounds.

Dr Payne’s goal is to reflect the character of our Lord and love and care for her clients as He would.  Although she will not force religion, but it is the foundation of which she counsels.