At Greenhouse Ministry, we desire to assist you with the Help of the Lord, the Word of God, our Professional Training and Life Experiences.

To help keep this ministry growing, and for you and others to receive the best of care, we offer our counseling services on a fee basis.

The normal cost for private individual counseling at this level is $55 per session. If you have adequate income, we would appreciate your financial support in any greater amount you may be willing to contribute.

By helping to sustain this ministry financially, you are helping someone else receive help as well. Thank you!


Standard Rate                             Amount

                                                     $55 p/hr

Our fees are based on our love of Christ and the wish to help all of God’s children that may be in pain.  While many may charge 3 times our rate, know that this is based on a spiritual calling.  If you are a person of means and with the ability, your payments in excess of our published rate would be applied for those that may find it a struggle for even our extremely low rate.