As you may have noticed, our services are personal and established on a one-to-one basis.  Same is true with our communication and contact information.  Your contact and inquiries are welcome, but please know that this is not something that is handled by an office staff nor a remote subscription service.  Your contact with us is as confidential as your counseling.

Please be free to use any of the methods below, but curtiously understand that the response is from Dr. Payne personally.  If your call comes in during a session with another client, your will receive a recorded message and an opportunity to leave your inquiry.  Please know that your message will only be reviewed by Dr. Payne and the call will be from the same.

Should you choose to use email, response to your email will also only be reviewed by and responded from Dr. Payne.

We look forward to hearing from you.

By Phone:

Dr. Linda Payne

(903) 521-1247

By Mail:

5630 Andover Dr

Tyler, TX 75707

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GreenHouse Ministry

5630 Andover Dr

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